Counselling in Schools

Counselling is one of the most common psychological interventions delivered in schools where children can explore, understand and aim to overcome issues in their lives causing them difficulty, distress and/or confusion.

It is viewed as an important, non-stigmatising strategy to help bring about improvements in mental health and well-being. Counselling helps children with personal, social and emotional issues affecting their well-being, attendance, learning and academic achievements, and relationships; and also develops skills to strengthen their resilience and deal with their problems and challenges.

Counselling assists the child or young person to achieve a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship to their world, to create a greater awareness and utilisation of their personal resources, to build their resilience, and to support their ability to address problems and pursue meaningful goals. Counselling provides young people with an opportunity to talk through their difficulties in a welcoming and supportive environment, and to find their own ways of addressing their issues.

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